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Paulman Berg - We Own the Moon and We're Taxing the Tides
We Own the Moon and We're Taxing the Tides
1. Hector, Hector (The Forehead Collector)
2. Barnacle Bruce
3. The Bar Mitzvah Song
4. Nutrition Train
5. Lungfish
6. Weight of a Woman
7. Kill My Dog
8. Oh Yeah, Uh Huh
9. Cyclops
10. The Night We All Kissed Our Sisters
11. Astrocatastrophe (All-Star Reprise)

The Best of Paulman Berg, Vol. 1: Pre-Rapture to Now
1. Webelos Fidelity Intro
2. Boots-Johnny Ramrod
3. Working Out In The Tub
4. The Allergy Song
5. Panic Jam
6. Rabbit Hole
7. Crab Style
8. You Really Got Me
9. Breaking News
10. What Makes You A Man
11. In The Flesh, In The Nude
12. Go, Go, Go, Go Goat (This Goat has Gone Mobile)
13. Tribute to Greg Rockbot
14. When Lumberjack Meets Lumberjill
15. Shrimp Toast
16. Here Comes the World
The Best of Paulman Berg, Vol. 2: Now to The Rapture
1. London Press Intro
2. Because We’re Babies
3. Canker Sores
4. 16,000 Kilograms of Curd
5. Sweet Home Carolina
6. Porn Cathedral
7. Shut Up
8. Hardlove Song
9. Famous Robots in History
10. Who Owns The Beach?
11. We Went to the Zoo
12. Rock It
13. Edd Ibbus Berg: The Radio Play
14. Astrocatastrophe (Taj Mahspace)
15. The Kegels Song
16. We Have To Do It