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The Plumber

Chapter 1: Gexodus (That's a combination of Genesis and Exodus, thank you very much)
Born somewhere in the inner-depths of the void, to parents yet unknown, The Plumber started out his life in a most unusual fashion: not actually existing. He sat in limbo for what seemed like eternity until one day a voice called out to him through the endless darkness. The language was foreign to The Plumber's ears, yet the sound left behind one solitary thought in his head: you are ready. And he was ready. Soon afterwards the Moon left its post as guardian of the void, creating the perfect opportunity for The Plumber's escape. He took full advantage, and with tentative yet robust steps, he departed the void.

Chapter 2: Sexodus (That has nothing to do with this chapter, but logically and lewdly followed the previous title, thank you very much) The Plumber found himself lying naked, facedown, and yet strangely fully grown, on a beach somewhere on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Following his primal instincts the Plumber tracked a river inland to its source-- the Grimbsy-Rimsberg School. Here, The Plumber was immediately recognized for his talent at the rare art of being The Plumber. As a result, he was immediately instated as joint professor of primitive cultures and defense against the dark arts. Here he taught happily for many happy years, until....

Chapter 3: Perplexodus (Y'know, thank you very much)
Jealous of his defense against the dark arts prowess and his ability to be The Plumber, the rulers of the U.S.A, Sweden, Mongolia, the Ottoman Empire, Ancient Rome, Space and the Grimsby-Rimsberg School outlawed the act of existing as The Plumber. The discovery of The Plumber's breach of law at the Grimsby-Rimsberg school led to his subsequent resignation and much humiliation. Not having much common sense, The Plumber set out for Sweden, one of only seven places he technically could not be.

Chapter 4: Paulman Bergdus (The cream, if you know what I mean, thank you very much)
Here in Sweden The Plumber established the mildly successful Plumber's Plumbing Co., which sustained his well-being and provided partial funds to meet the $300 fine imposed upon him every second for his existing as The Plumber in Sweden. (In Sweden this breach of law was only a misdemeanor). One musty day The Plumber recieved an urgent call from three men trapped in a shower with a clogged drain and another man in the same shower who was not supposed to be there. The Plumber dashed to the scene where he freed Yannis Paulman, Gustav Berg, and The Raunch from what would have been a watery tomb. The fourth man, one known as Greg Rockbot, could not be saved. The Plumber then proceded to go about unclogging Paulman Berg's shower drain. As a reward for his services, Paulman and Berg granted him membership in the band, despite his lack of ability to do anything aside from sing backup vocals and play auxiliary everything.

Chapter 5: To be continuedus (Thank you. Very much.)
The Plumber bears himself like the time