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Strange Wanda

The exact origins of Strange Wanda are unknown. Some say he was raised by badgers in the Romanian wilderness. Others say he was a genetic experiment to develop a bass player with perfect rhythm gone horribly wrong. He first appeared in an orphanage in Denmark in 1987, hairless, with completely pale white skin except for a birthmark with a striking resemblance to Little Richard's face in profile. He escaped from the orphanage in 1993, and roamed across the steppes of Eurasia, before he arrived at a remote, Tibetan temple high in the Himalayas. It is here that he learned the ancient art of silence, meditation, and the bass guitar, for the only music the monks had to listen to was a cassette of Eddie Murphy and Rick James' 1985 hit "Party All The Time."

Strange Wanda also has an identical twin, named Big Mitch.